“We wanted to use solar power to protect the environment and control the farms energy costs.”

– Al Montna

Solar Power at Montna Farms

20120103_rice-aerial2b335eFurthering its commitment to sustainable farming, Montna Farms has brought a 394 kilowatts solar power system onsite to offset its energy usage. The solar array generates 725,000 kilowatt hours annually, providing 65% of the farm’s current energy needs. Since 2008, the solar facility has stabilized power prices for the business as well as resulted in reduced greenhouse gas emissions for the environment.

Designed and installed by SolarCity Corporation, this system features 1,970 BP Solar photovoltaic modules and uses a Wattsun single-axis tracking system made by Array Technologies, Inc. that follows the sun during the day for greater efficiency – maximizing energy production.

Montna Farms’ hosting of onsite solar generation illustrates the company’s commitment to responsible energy use. Not only is solar an environmentally sound energy source, it is an especially smart energy choice for utility customers in California, because it protects them from price spikes. Excess electricity generated by the solar array that is not used by Montna Farms will be sent back into the utility grid for use by other customers.