The extra care we give propels our rice into a category that far exceeds the typical short grain rice crop.

Farm Operations

Montna Farms produces super premium short grain rice from their fertile fields in the Sacramento Valley. Special steps are taken to ensure that the short grain rice produced from Montna Farms is of the highest quality. The extra care given to the rice crop – during the growing season, at harvest and during drying and storage – propels the rice into a category that far exceeds the typical short grain crop. No other producer of short grain rice can provide the guaranteed quality of rice that Montna Farms delivers.


Caring for the Land

In the spring time, Montna Farms prepares the fields for planting by carefully reviewing soil samples for each field to determine the correct amount of fertilizer that is needed to start the crop. Each field is carefully monitored during the growing season for the optimum time to  apply fertilizer that will result in the perfect size head that is needed for taste, texture and quality. Irrigation water is carefully managed to ensure the proper levels at critical times of growth and also to provide protection from weather elements. Before harvest, the harvesters are cleaned thoroughly to ensure no cross contamination of another variety of rice. During harvest, the moistures are closely watched to ensure that the rice is being harvested at the optimum level for quality.

During the rice drying and storage process, after harvest, Montna Farms Dryer provides expertise to make sure the rice is dried to the optimal moisture for quality. Montna Farms Dryer has dedicated an entire dryer with storage bins exclusively for the short grain rice program. Before rice is shipped to the mill, it is inspected several times to ensure it is properly blended and that the optimal quality is reached for milling and packaging.