Providing habitat for wintering waterfowl migrating along the Pacific Flyway


Montna’s dedication to agriculture and wildlife resulted in the first ever wildlife-friendly agriculture easement in California. Al worked with Olen Zirkle, manager of conservation programs for Ducks Unlimited, to attain this easement on the headquarter ranch in Dingville, South of Yuba City.

Today, Montna Farms has working lands under an easement that will be in agriculture forever and provide water for wintering waterfowl migrating along the Pacific Flyway. Al shared his views with Kate Campbell, writer for Ag Alert in 2006, when she interviewed him for her “A Living Legacy – Handing Down the Family Farm” series. He said of the DU conservation easement, “The move will help ensure the land is never taken out of farming and will always be managed to benefit wildlife.”

Montna feels that the essence of sustainability is rooted in lands that are under working land conservation easements such as Montna Farms. Montna also feels that farms in America need to have succession plans in place that allow for future generations to be able to keep farms and ranches financially viable. Al and his wife Gail developed a succession plan for Montna Farms to continue with their children and grandchildren. Montna believes that conservation friendly agriculture is fundamental to the sustainability of Montna Farms for future generations.


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