We have always been a rice family, and this is a rice ranch.

~ Al Montna

A Leader in the Agricultural Community

The origins of Montna Farms date back to 1884 when Peri Montna, grandfather of Al Montna, migrated to California from France.  Montna grew prunes, apricots, peaches and Thompson seedless grapes in Sutter County. He was followed by his son, Alfred “Dutch” Montna, who in the late 1930s bought a portion of the current Dingville property, developed it into a rice operation and eventually built his own rice dryer.

Al Montna says, “Rice farming is in my blood, we have always been a rice family and this is a rice ranch.” In the 1970s, Al assumed responsibility for the farming operation and to date has doubled its size. In addition, the drying operation has increased seven times since his father built it in the 1950s.

Japanese Short Grain Specialists



Over the past several years, Montna Farms has developed a niche for producing several varieties of super premium, Japonica style short grain rice. The entire staff at Montna Farms has undergone special training to ensure that they produce the highest quality Japanese style rice varieties, consistently, every harvest. From planting, to growing, to drying and storage – Montna Farms strives for excellence.

Leaders in California Agriculture

Al Montna is a leader in the agricultural community he has served on numerous boards, both industry and community related. Nicole Montna Van Vleck is actively involved in all aspects of the operations from growing to drying and milling. She serves on numerous boards related to the rice industry on a state and national level. She is a stanch advocate for the California’s farmers.  Jon Munger represents Montna Farms locally on Farm Bureau, RCD and FSA Boards. Read more on our Our Team page.

Stewardship of the Land

Rather than fighting environmentalists who wanted to see more regulations on the industry, Montna decided to reach out to them. Today he needs only look out his back door to see the benefits he’s reaping from those conservation efforts. During the winter when the fields are flooded, hundreds of thousands of waterfowl and other species flock to Montna Farms. He believes in being a good neighbor and a good steward of the land. Read more on our Conservation page.

A Family Legacy

Al and Gail Montna’s daughters work hand in hand running the day to day operations of the family business. Nicole Montna Van Vleck is the President and Chief Executive Officer; Michelle Montna Vogt is the President of the Family Council. In addition to their daughters, the Montna’s have six grandchildren that he is grooming to carry on the tradition of a life based in agriculture.

The Montna family is proud that Montna Farms is a family operated business; a legacy that will pass to future generations.