Going Solar: Montna Farms adds acres of panels to ease off the power grid

By Ashley Gebb

, Appeal Democrat • February 13, 2009 12:09:16 AM

The sun isn’t just helping grow rice at Montna Farms — it is drying the grains, too.

The farming operation has partnered with MMA Renewable Ventures and SolarCity to help get off the grid. Montna Farms, which is one of the largest suppliers of short-grain rice in the United States, plans to supply 65 percent of its energy needs with two acres of solar panels.

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A Living Legacy, Handing Down the Family Farm

Handing Down the Family Farm: A living legacy
By Kate Campbell • June 8, 2006

“With sprawl eating up 2 million acres of undeveloped land a year, family like the Montnas in Sutter County work to protect wildlife habitat while continuing to farm.  In the future, Nicole Montna Van Vleck and Michelle Vogt will operate the family’s farms in accordance with easement requirements for wildlife habitat conservation.  The family has a diversified farming operation that includes drying and shipping rice.”

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